1. Does RxCOMPLi automatically send prescription refill orders to the pharmacy?

Not currently. But very soon it will have the capability to send auto refill orders

2. Where can I buy RxCOMPLi?

It is not sold in the retail yet. But you can check with your provider.

3. Can my personal data be lost through RxCOMPLi

No. RxCOMPLi only collects your email address. Your provider will be the custodian of all your medicinal and health data

4. How much does RxCOMPLi cost?

Since you are not buying it in retail, you will not have to pay for the device. There may be a very small monthly subscription charge. You may very well be able to cover it through your FSA.

5. How does RxCOMPLi validate that I have taken the medication?

RxCOMPLi does not have a sophisticated camera to record you taking medication. Even if it had, it would be considered intrusion into your privacy. RxCOMPLi only records that you have opened your pill box, bottle, etc at the time it buzzes. If you open the pill box, pill bottle, etc. at the time it is buzzing and close it, and RxCOMPLi stops buzzing and flashes the green light for 5 minutes , it is an indication that you have taken the medicine. The RxCOMPLi App can then keep a count of dozes and if your dose ends early or late. it would mean that there was some form of medication abuse either knowingly or unknowingly. Your care provider will then contact you.

6. What if I don’t hear the buzz?

If you have your phone with you, you will see the message pop uo.

7. What if I am outside at the time of medication doze?

The app will show the doze as missed.

8. What if I take the doze 30 minutes after my doze time?

The app will show the doze as taken but it will have a yellow (warning) sign.

10. How is RxCOMPLi different from any other App or other sensor-based adherence device sold in the market?

First, RxCOMPLi is SMART Sensor + SMART App + Salesforce Health Cloud integration. Second, RxCOMPLi is competitively priced than majority of other similar products in the market place. Third, RxCOMPLi’s reliability is backed by your providers / physicians.